loogo white

I've been reprimanded! One of my unofficial mentors (not sure that she knows it) Jocelyn M told me that this website is famine or feast...or to put it another way...like the proverbial bus! So i'm going to try and be a little bit more disciplined and spread out the musings. One thing that I missed writing about in March was the passing of David Allen. I'd be surprised if anyone reading this will know who he is but - of course- there is a relevance to the book.

Part of the interview with Frank Skinner talks about the fact that I left out a section on a sub genre of Prog Rock, The Canterbury Scene, which Daevid Allen (also known as 'the pot head pixie') was associated with as he was in both Soft Machine and Gong (other Canterbury Scene bands include Camel, National Health and the Wilde Flowers). To retrospectively mark this event i'm going to ask you to listen to my favourite Gong track - Tried So Hard. This track - for - me sums up everything about the psychedelic prog rock movement at the time. This may not be your thing but at least try and enjoy the mini rock -operatic vibe that includes a little bit of everything from the genre.