loogo white

I can’t believe that this Comic Relief song passed me by. It’s un-PC anti-racist lyrics are hysterical – listen for the Doc Brown line ‘Loves the word, even for people from Luxemburg’ and their take on not picking up dwarves

The lyrics are great but the video is equally funny with Gervais playing it straight, well, as straight as you can in character as Brent; and Doc Brown sending himself and every ‘stupid’ rapper up (as he refers to it when interviewed on Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre Podcast aka RHLSTP) .

If you’re not familiar with RHLSTP then I recommend that you check them out on itunes – Richard Herring (comedian) interviewing just about every other comedian known to man over the last few series.

If you’re not familiar with Doc Brown or maybe recognise him from somewhere, not only is he a rapper, a stand-up comedian, a regular on children’s TV (4 o’clock club amongst others) but you may recently have caught him in the recent ITV comedy series Brief Encounters or previously in Hunted, Rev, The Inbetweeners…go check him out.

Is there a link to MOMAB? Of course. Ben’s sister is author Zadie Smith who is referenced in the book, talking about Madonna.

Enjoy the clip.