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Audi reportedly paid $2m just to licence the track for this Superbowl 50 ad, let alone the cost of the ad break. So which came first, the idea of an Astronaut who loves the acceleration the new Audi…or the untimely death of Bowie?

Whatever your view it’s a great track and a great ad.

To end all things Bowie from me for a bit, check out this image from The Thomas Brothers, if you like this style check out their website but also that of Faile, from where they’ve drawn much of their inspiration.

david bowie the thomas brothers

As I’m unlikely to be driving the new R8 at 205mph this summer, my attention is on something slightly kinder to my bank balance, tickets for Marvel’s Suicide Squad, arguably one of the most eagerly awaited of all the movies so far.

And of course there’s a link? Stan Lee appeared in a previous Audi Superbowl extravaganza, sending himself us as the master of cameo acting in an ad that also featured Kevin Smith (Director) and Lou Ferrigno (TVs Incredible Hulk), so also worth a look.