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Nearly Shipwrecked

‘This particular night a really heavy fog came down and while I was swapping jokes and chatting about favourite bands with a Swedish radio operator, who was on a cargo boat sailing out of Greece, all of a sudden, like something out of a ghost ship story, a large fishing vessel appeared out of nowhere, seemingly yards in front of me and disappeared back into the fog almost immediately.

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Hazel O’Connor Owes Me a Pint

‘Despite having been born seven years after me, he (my brother) has also had the passion for music and knack of learning song lyrics instilled into him from an early age and therefore on arrival at our house and appraised of the situation, an eager and equally willing participant in the ‘All Gold Ad’ challenge.

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Radio Interview

‘”Well Frank, the original idea was a novella based around the major events concerning celebrities like choosing Hazel O’Connor’s song for a TV ad’ and stealing Robbie Williams underpants that I mentioned last time I was here, but as I was writing it, there were so many other things that went on, that I hope are interesting or humorous, it took a slightly different direction”. 

“But it will still include Robbie’s pants, surely?”

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Take The Pop Cricket Challenge

With everything that has passed before it was almost inevitable that;

  • I would probably want to invent a game
  • It would probably involve music
  • It may well involve cricket                    
  • It would not be straightforward

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Ben Elton Made Me Write This Book

‘I was waiting at baggage reclaim, as you do, and noticed an elderly lady making her way through the crowd of people waiting for the conveyor to start. What alerted me to her was the way that she was really pushing through in a way that only old people can, especially ladies, and get away with it without causing a riot.

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I Stole Robbie William’s Underpants

‘When you hear of events becoming a bit of a circus, this was one of them. Everyone who was remotely involved or connected to the project wanted to be at this ‘gig’.

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Les Adventures de Pierre le Wag à Monte Carlo

‘As the week goes by, Monaco fills up. The film festival crowd decamps from Cannes, a few miles up the coastline, the boats arrive and everybody else descends, filling every available room for miles around.

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‘Telling the tale since, a night of tequila, being offered waitresses for the night, getting the best seats in a crowded restaurant, the house band playing your favourite songs on request and then being offered to go to a club where ‘anything goes’ should be pretty much every guy’s perfect night; after all, there were no girlfriends or partners on this trip, but my recollection however is more akin to the events in the movie The Hangover.’

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