loogo white

‘Telling the tale since, a night of tequila, being offered waitresses for the night, getting the best seats in a crowded restaurant, the house band playing your favourite songs on request and then being offered to go to a club where ‘anything goes’ should be pretty much every guy’s perfect night; after all, there were no girlfriends or partners on this trip, but my recollection however is more akin to the events in the movie The Hangover.’


Having lived in Margate (and only a few miles away now) you can’t really avoid this song. The video was filmed in Margate and although it is slowly changing (for the better) most of the scenes and buildings can still be seen if you fancy going…

Beautiful pics and fabulous views when you drive but NOT when you’re with someone who’s scared of heights and especially if you’ve left your licence at home so that they have to drive!

There’s some great songs in the Top 10 for this chapter and my girlfriend will not forgive me for leaving out Marc Bolan’s (T-Rex) ‘New York City’ (containing only 27 words) but working for a Scottish company (and knowing Doppelgangers for Craig & Charlie) I have to show this. 

Writing this chapter made me remember how much I loved Florida (despite one of the trips mentioned) and I went back on what was to be a fantastic trip last October…so going back again in August to chill out in Siesta Key, Anna Marie Island, Sarasota and have sundowners on Venice beach watching dolphins and pelicans…Mickey who?