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‘As the week goes by, Monaco fills up. The film festival crowd decamps from Cannes, a few miles up the coastline, the boats arrive and everybody else descends, filling every available room for miles around.

By Friday you appear mole like out of your cabin, it is late morning and you make your way, bleary eyed up on deck and slowly realise that something is very different. 

On the previous days you were staring across the track at the empty stands (why are they called stands when it’s designed for people to sit?) but now you’re facing hundreds of people. These people have got there early to get good seats in anticipation of the afternoons events and have nothing better to do than watch the people on the boats, often through binoculars. 

It’s the closet feeling to being in a zoo or an exhibit in a sideshow, made worse if you’ve stumbled up on deck in your pants. Most people make this mistake, but generally only once if, having looked around to see what the crowd are all pointing and cheering at, realise to your total embarrassment and horror, that it’s you.’

Chatting with Tom Watt (‘Lofty’ from Eastenders) about Clearwell Caves in Gloucestershire…on the back of a yacht in Monaco harbour!

This is one of those ‘Magic Eye’ pictures. If you stare at it long enough…you can see me. We spent the afternoon with Lisa Snowdon on our boat and she was lovely. Unfortunately (the press had just announced that they’d split up) I was not her ‘get over George’ fling.

Even turning the volume up to…11 doesn’t come close to the noise when you’re there, at the start.

I was so lucky to go four years in a row, each time on a yacht, especially as just being there is on so many people’s bucket list. So many memories and good times had by all, one long party so again difficult to know what to keep in. Petrol heads want more about the cars and atmosphere, others ‘who else did you see? So…The cars are amazing and at Monaco you can really get up close and personal. The drivers go into the public bars so can see your heroes. I left out a story about Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster.