loogo white

‘I, having watched one of the old movies which included Jane, Boy and Cheetah or the Ron Ely TV series on a Sunday morning, would run around the house or garden pretending to be Tarzan. This would not involve a loin cloth, but would involve a wooden spoon (which was my knife) tucked into my trousers and me calling to my imaginary jungle friends to help me fight off the baddies.

I never did perfect that famous Tarzan call and only years later realised why. Depending on which story you believe, it was either three voices, three recordings of one voice mixed together or, a voice mixed with some animal noises. Such a shame that it wasn’t really Ron bellowing it out while standing on top of that waterfall in the opening credits of the TV series.

Lady P recalls,

‘I don’t remember much about him, he was only there for a week, but we all knew who he was and I do remember that he seemed to fill the pool and make it look smaller than it had before. I also remember now that the water looked bluer somehow, like his fame was affecting the surroundings, well it seemed like it to us star struck girls’. 

Maybe from that day, she too hankered for her moment in the limelight as she also tells how, in the mid-70s she worked as a Bunny Girl in the Playboy Club in Park Lane, London.’

I loved watching this TV series in the early 70’s and Ron Ely was my Tarzan; in the same way that John Pertwee was Dr Who, Sean Connery was James Bond and Valerie, Peter and John were Blue Peter.

Johnny was our parent’s generation (and arguably the definitive) Tarzan as well as having taught Lady P to swim.

This vied with Suzi Q for my favourite song of 1974 but for the purposes of this chapter it wins.

This is a page from the soft core ‘Parade’ Magazine published the week that I was born in March 1964

1974 was a great year for Number 1’s. Mud had this in the January and then ended the year with ‘Lonely this Christmas’ but in between we were treated to ‘Devil Gate Drive by Suzi Quatro, ‘Billy Don’t be a Hero’ by Paper Lace, ‘Waterloo’ by ABBA, ‘Sugar Baby Love’ by The Rubettes, ‘The Streak’ by Ray Stephens and from the singing Walrus of love himself, Barry White ‘Your my first, my love, my everything’

Reading it back, this chapter is so full of porn references that it’s difficult to know what to put in!!