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‘Given the two near misses with Gill (Scott Heron) and Davy (Jones – The Monkees) we had two bands that we’d not ticked off our list in our sights; The B52s, my girlfriends favourite band ever and Status Quo which it was clear that I would be doing without her.

We were a little worried about the B52s as they were getting on a bit (three main members with ave age over 60), so we bought the DVD of their Amsterdam show from the previous year, which was excellent, although nothing could have prepared us for the live show which was nothing short of spectacular. 

It was an evening of camp, Day-Glo, fun which included an audience member in full Lobster costume and my girlfriend, having made her way to the front wearing a bright red Kate Pierson wig, screaming at the top of her voice;

‘Kate I love you!’ over and over again. I think that she’d have ‘turned’ for Kate that night!

Promising ourselves for the last three years that we’d see them, Dave, he of Robbie connections and PG Tips Monkey debates, finally booked tickets and saw The Quo. We spent the three hour car journey listening to Quo and debating what they come on to, which of our favourite tracks (pre 1980) they’d play, what would be the encore and what if it was disappointing?

They opened with Caroline and then blasted out Paper Plane and Big Fat Mama. Job done.’ 

Ben Fox Smith (sorta bro-in-law) sings lead on this track.

Had to put this Serafin track on too but check out Ordinarily Me - Serafin as well

Thought I'd better balance the books and include my other sorta, Ben's brother - Christian Smith Pancorvo, the first drummer in Razorlight. 

I love listening to Laura and some of the lyrics to this feature elsewhere in the book! Too many to list but Horror Show and Gorgeous (the studio version is one of the best pop songs ever!) are worth listening to or better, downloading at http://lauracatlow.bandcamp.com/album/you-might-know-my-friend 

So many great bands and singers out there who battle on and never make it. We’re lucky to have pubs around us who really support music and therefore we get to see some great live music.

Why not let us know what your favourite Christmas song is on the forum / just for fun.

No call from Andrea yet to put on his Taormina gig!?