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‘”Well Frank, the original idea was a novella based around the major events concerning celebrities like choosing Hazel O’Connor’s song for a TV ad’ and stealing Robbie Williams underpants that I mentioned last time I was here, but as I was writing it, there were so many other things that went on, that I hope are interesting or humorous, it took a slightly different direction”. 

“But it will still include Robbie’s pants, surely?”

“Oh yes, that was probably the catalyst for the whole book, it may even end up being in the title, it’s just that not quite as many of those stories ended up in the first half as I’d originally planned. I never intended to write about Decimalisation or 1970s public information films for instance and had no intention of ‘Pop Cricket’ playing such a large part at the beginning of the second half meaning that the only real celeb stories, other than getting Bobby Moore’s autograph are the Hazel O’Connor TV ad and meeting Roy Lynes and Sir Christopher Cockerell”.’

Dark Water, one of the scary public information films screened on TV in the 70’s to warn us of dangers.

Serious message but delivered in a slightly less scary way 

 franks skinnerabsolute radio

Frank Skinner and his co-presenters Alun Cochrane and Emily Dean. I religiously listen to the podcasts when I’m driving around the country.

I can’t remember at what point I decided to use these interviews to break up the book but for a long time they’ve been part of the plan but always as an homage to the interview scene in ‘The Commitments’ where the character- Jimmy Rabbitte pretends to be interviewed by Terry Wogan while he’s in the bath. Again, like the All Gold ad, this clip is frustratingly not available right now.