loogo white

‘This particular night a really heavy fog came down and while I was swapping jokes and chatting about favourite bands with a Swedish radio operator, who was on a cargo boat sailing out of Greece, all of a sudden, like something out of a ghost ship story, a large fishing vessel appeared out of nowhere, seemingly yards in front of me and disappeared back into the fog almost immediately.

I’m sure now that it was not as close as it looked in the middle of the night in the fog but it was huge and therefore seemed bloody close to me as I had to crane my neck to see the lights at the top of the cabin. That’s close.’

Most people only know them for ‘Love Shack’ or maybe ‘Rock Lobster’

When they were allowed to advertise cigarettes and even make them seem cool.

Shame they split up. Could have been bigger than the Arctics!

Obviously we shouldn’t glorify smoking but so much seemed to happen, back in the day, when you had a cigarette in your hand be it in the pub (sneaking in underage), disco or simply hanging around. Smoking in the cinema, on a bus, in a restaurant and even on a plane now seems crazy…but we were allowed to do them all.