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How, in that other underwater based boyhood TV programme Stingray, given that it was made in the 60s and included so many marine based and alliterative names; The main characters (from W.A.S.P) were based in Marineville, there was a character called Atlanta, the mermaid was Marina, there was a Sam Shore and the hero was Troy Tempest, had they not thought to include the singer Sandie Shaw (Sandy Shore) especially as she sang Puppet on a String?’


Intro to Stingray, another 60s Gerry Anderson TV series using puppets on a string, this one based under the sea. 


It’s true!

Had to pick this really given their mentions in the book. That and it’s a great video anyway. Even features a hovercraft.

The idea to start the book with the opening text from this chapter came quite late on. In one of the last edits it was pointed out that some of the content I’d written in this chapter felt more like an introduction so I switched it around and it did work much better…I hope. Thanks Dom. The Marine Boy opening obviously still fitted this Chapter as well but it didn’t feel like the opening so the idea to use the first few lines to open the book too was born.