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'Marine Boy, despite being a two-dimensional 1960s Japanese cartoon character, was one of my earliest childhood heroes. He lived in an amazing submarine. His friends were a dolphin called Splasher and a mermaid called Neptina.

He had underwater boomerangs that could give off electric shocks powerful enough to destroy his enemies’ submarines. The hyper-powered propeller packs in his heels enabled him to fly through the water. He could breathe for hours under water by using oxy-gum.

In 1969, what five-year-old would not think that this was cool?'

Marine Boy. My first hero. Later followed by Tarzan and Robin Hood

This is the image I’d love to use if I ever publish the book ‘Great Knockers!’

I was only nine but there was still something about that look

As it says in the intro’, the Frank Skinner interviews were inspired by the self-interview scenes from the film The Commitments although unfortunately not available on YouTube. If you’ve not seen it and want to make sense of the 3 sections in my book I suggest that watch the film and check out Frank Skinners Radio show on Absolut (either listen or download the podcast).