loogo white

'I appeared in a school production of the play Noah as a character known as The Common Man and whist I actually got a review in the local paper, I’ve been back through the Old Testament a few times since and cannot find one mention of that particular character in the story.

I’m not sure whether I think this or the fact that he dies at the end of act one is the main factor for my acting having been halted at such an early point in my ‘career’.'

My only on screen image in the movie 'Follow You, Follow Me'. That’s me on the right and it did make the final cut of the movie, me getting 'a head' in the movies

This is the song that I remember performing at our concert. That and the self-penned ‘Rockin’ Man’!

A Space Hopper race was actually one of the ‘sports’ on our school sports day in 1970. I came second to a lad named ‘Duncan’ who cheated. He dragged it rather than bounced.

Mixing music and movies there are so many great films but my favourite / current recommendations would be; Blues Brothers – Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi featuring a whole host of Blues and Soul stars, Still Crazy- Bill Nighy as a washed up Rock Star, also featuring Timothy Spall and Jimmy Nail with cameos and Cry Baby – featuring a young Johnny Depp and while being about teens in America is the antithesis of Grease.