loogo white

‘I was waiting at baggage reclaim, as you do, and noticed an elderly lady making her way through the crowd of people waiting for the conveyor to start. What alerted me to her was the way that she was really pushing through in a way that only old people can, especially ladies, and get away with it without causing a riot.

As the conveyor started and the baggage started to come around I watched as she proceeded to pick up a number of black cases, similar to my own and give them the once over, before dropping them back down.

Now, knowing how inventive elderly people (especially those who have lived through the war) can be and how regular travelers with dull suitcases try and do something to identify their cases for just such instances, I was surprised that she had not thought to tie a piece of ribbon around the handle or put stickers onto it, or something at least that would have enabled her to easily recognise it, but by now she had picked up and discarded her fifth black case. My gob could not have been any more smacked therefore when, out though the plastic flaps came a black case covered in bright pink ribbons and yellow stickers which she proceeded to pluck off of the belt and walk away with.’


Probably the book that made me really want to write one. 23 Years before I actually started.

Rik Mayall steals the show from Rowan Atkinson in Ben Elton’s brilliant Blackadder. This is my favourite episode of all the series (four in total). Lord Flashheart reappears in Series 4.

Old and seen dozens of times but this is still one of the best conceived, choreographed and executed sketches from British comedy.

You could get away with this in the 70’s and as this was 1979 I was just at the age to be allowed to watch it. She was every adolescent boy (and their dad’s) fantasy.

In Ben Elton’s book-Stark, the story is interrupted by a vignette about a Dolphin, seemingly randomly but which later makes sense as to how and why it’s woven into the story. This is one of the things that I really liked and I have always remembered and has manifested itself in the way that some of the themes in the book appear in more than one place; linked, even if tangentally.

This chapter on comedy was really difficult to contain as almost every time I watch TV or cruise YouTube I could add content. Loads ended up on the cutting room floor, so over the next few months via this page and the blog you can expect to see more clips and references to Fist of Fun, Kevin Turvey, The Sunday Show, Porridge, The fast show, Harry Enfield and so much more