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‘Singing ‘Georgie Best superstar wears frilly knickers and a Playtex bra’ to the tune of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was very amusing to many schoolboys in the early ’70s. When Jesus Christ Superstar, written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, was first launched as a rock musical, Playtex bras were often advertised on TV.

The original blasphemous parody was simply to sing it as ‘Jesus Christ Superstar wears [fill in the blank]’, but somewhere along the line, the words ‘Jesus Christ’ were unilaterally [at school] changed to ‘Georgie Best’.

Originally released for the 1996 European Championship.

The pretender to the throne in 1998

Having originally been released in 1996, Three Lions was reprised in 1998 for the World Cup (with slightly amended words) and vied for chart success with the newer anthem, Vindaloo by ‘Fat Les’. Vindaloo reached Number 2 in the charts while Three Lions reached the top spot.

The Vindaloo video was a spoof of the Verves ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ video (featuring comedian Paul Kaye in the Richard Ashcroft role). It also features Alex James (who wrote the music), Keith Allen (Fat Les) who wrote the lyrics, Damien Hirst, Rowland Rivron, Matt Lucas, David Walliams and a young Lily Allen.