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'In July 1973 we left Reigate in our relatively new, Natiola coloured Variomatic engine’d (which means that it was bright red, the engine was turned by a giant elastic band and it was very uncool) DAF 55 car and headed for a new life on the south coast.

DAF was and still is a Dutch brand, better known for its quality trucks than its cars, the latter being in my opinion underrated and misunderstood, especially by secondary school classmates:

‘Oi Gilbert, your old man drives a Tosser’s car’.'

A Natiola Red Daf 55. Our 70’s and early 80’s ‘Transport of Delight’


Hovercraft leaving Southsea. I filmed this with both of my boys and Doc Savage. My youngest (orange T-shirt) can be seen catching the spray towards the end of the clip.


Such a shame when Concorde was de-commissioned. Fantastic sight in the sky.


Hover and Concorde mentioned in one TV ad!

This chapter covers so many topics that it’s hard to choose what goes in here. Sandbanks, David Cassidy, Number 1’s and Jacque Cousteau – Let alone what was missed out when I was writing it I the first place! Keep coming back and I’ll update it regularly to rotate what is here.