loogo white

‘When you hear of events becoming a bit of a circus, this was one of them. Everyone who was remotely involved or connected to the project wanted to be at this ‘gig’.

The ‘gig’ was on a Sunday, due to start at 9am sharp in order to get it all done in a day, with lunch being sushi as it had been specifically requested by Robbie.

In a bid to make everything perfect for the star and ensure that he was relaxed and in the right state of mind, a moving sushi bar was erected in the area of the studio that would be used for lunch and much running around was done in the morning to make sure that it was ‘all good for Robbie’, and working.

At 8.59am everything was set. The paper he would jump through to simulate glass (the glass effect would be added afterwards), the white room for paint, the sushi conveyor, the sushi itself, the cameras, the film, the makeup, the DJ decks that he would stand at and the real decks with a real DJ to get everyone in the vibe….. At 9am on a Sunday morning?

We were all set and waiting for the big moment.’

Robbie Williams singing ‘United’ on The Pepsi Chart Show. It was rumored that he hated singing this song as he was contractually obliged to do so, but I still think that it’s a great song and am proud to have been associated with it in a small way.

Rude, crude, lewd and childish; but that’s why you listen to the Lads from Macc and they, particularly with this track have genuinely saved my life on numerous occasions. 

In 1974, at school, you fell into one of two gangs (it had a more innocent connotation back then) those that could and those that couldn’t recite this Pepsi tag line

This Robbie story was one of the reasons that I wrote this book. I’d never written it down anywhere and therefore it would have simply got lost in time, wiped from the records and so it was my start point, something for the kids to read about their Dad. When I was planning it I realised that, following a theme, I’d also met Bobby Moore (briefly) and ‘Lofty’ from Eastenders and Lisa Snowdon and had some stories that could build around those. And so it began. And the more I wrote, the more I remembered.