loogo white

‘Despite having been born seven years after me, he (my brother) has also had the passion for music and knack of learning song lyrics instilled into him from an early age and therefore on arrival at our house and appraised of the situation, an eager and equally willing participant in the ‘All Gold Ad’ challenge.

Having managed to talk of nothing else all evening or during our meal, the girls, our respective partners at the time, realised that they were not going to get any other conversation or holiday planning out of us and left us to it. At some point they must have gone to bed.

And so it came to pass that we were left with a VHS video of the TV ad, a home video player, an alphabetically arranged CD collection, a tape deck (cassette), CD player and three bottles of red wine.’

Hazel, looking liked a female TRON in 1980

The drumbeats that featured in the advert and were my inspiration to use can be heard at 2mins 40 secs

Inspired by the original Indiana Jones movie, this is a brilliant ad for Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Despite various attempts, including hours on youtube I’ve not managed to find a copy of the All Gold ad that this whole chapter's about. It appears that every other All Gold ad ever made is available except that one. I’ll keep trying and have some feelers out with people connected to the ad world as I’m determined to feature it on here.